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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

masalah sosial atau social ills

Ni apa yang my friend pass dgn aku, surat kiriman rasmi / formal letter about social ills jawapan student untuk exam trial 1 paper english.....x larat nak taip semua....so i just type part yg x menahan dalam formal letter nie....

3 Then, the reason behind two decline in morality is they don't know what is the false at them, they should know that this way is not good ant they should not fuck another just because of they face.

4. Lastly, the relevant examples of social ills is student fuck each another inside the toilet and also outisde. The step that can be taken is seen their parent and care about them altough inside or outside school. Put more caunselling teacher in school and also call the police if need when the case is big.

Hope u can read the letter that i write.

Thank you.

Kesian.......aku rasa actually this student faham soalan but the choice of wordnya nyuruh aku x terkata apa-apa...tapi tetak beguling-guling...adoi mak.


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